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Organizing a wedding in Moscow

Organizing a Wedding in Moscow.

Modern couples value their time more, especially if they are in a city with such a high rhythm of life as Moscow. The ability to delegate saves not only money, but nerve cells, and they all know, do not recover. So your wedding and its preparation – not the best time to go into the unknown out of your comfort zone, also to learn by trial and error.

Let’s give a clear example: a hair and makeup for every day you can do yourself, but if it comes to preparing for a special event, you probably ask a specialist. Similarly, with consolations: to make a romantic candlelight dinner can be done without helping others (from time to time it is easy enough to buy candles at a nearby hardware store), but to organize a wedding is not so easy.

Not in vain the movie wedding and wedding preparations are perfect subjects for comedies, where friends, relatives, and even the lovers themselves quarrel because they can not decide what they want and how to achieve it. From Hollywood’s “Bride Wars” to Russia’s “Gorko!” we laugh at silly grooms and dreamy wives, dangerous girlfriends and sassy relatives. But in life, even a small clash of these manners will not turn life into a comedy, but a real drama. So it’s better not to take on their own preparation festivities, and trust it to the experts. In this article we will tell you what begins with the organization of marriage in Moscow and how to avoid mistakes in preparation.

Agency for weddings Moscow.

The modern wedding is a project on which a whole team of contractors works, distributing all the responsibilities and making a step-by-step plan. Organization of the celebration includes physics (budgeting and optimization, procurement and logistics) and lyrics (development of an unusual concept, creativity in decorating and decorating rooms in the scenario of the feast). Finding a good team – is 99% of the success of your event.

“Agency for weddings Moscow” – such ANGULATELY from English to Chinese a request may lead the wife of the capital to a list of about 500 companies involved in the preparation of the celebrations. Some of them are ready to organize any celebration, but it is better to apply to those who practice specifically in weddings. These professionals have more experience and expertise, they gather around a pool of contractors, from the presenter to decorators working specifically for lovers and perfectly understand the specifics of this field.

Choose an agency that has already worked on the organization of the party with an identical price and stylistic focus. If you are convinced that the covers on the chairs and balloons over the presidium – it’s obscenity, then do not put as if the agency with such examples in the portfolio suddenly gives out aristocratism and nobility, it is worth asking for you . From project to project, only budget and scale change, not taste and imagination, which either suits you in the organizer or not. Therefore, be sure to look at the portfolio and read reviews of the wedding agency before you sign the contract.

The topic of money is quite sensitive for many Russians, especially when it comes to such a romantic area like weddings. When you love your soul mate, you don’t feel sorry for anything, right?? But still do not hesitate to talk about the price of services with a wedding planner. And if it seems as if he was embarrassed – that’s cause to be wary.

“Organization of marriage cost” – a natural question, the answer to which there is no room for water and fog. In Moscow, some agencies set a fixed rate, others take a certain percentage of the wedding budget, and only unhelpful organizers are vague with the final price of services.

At Boyarov Weddings the price of organizing a wedding is one hundred percent transparent: the cost of the services is exactly 9% of the entire event budget (but more than sixty-five thousand rubles). rubles). For example, if you are planning to organize a wedding for 500,000 rubles, the commission will be sixty 5,000, and if the budget is a million, the organizer will have to pay ninety thousand rubles. This is true, because the bigger the budget, the more activities the couple usually plans for their own celebration, which pulls the additional labor costs of the organizers.

Celebrations with different budgets can be viewed in the portfolio on the website of Roman Boyarov, and estimate how much for you will cost for a wedding in Moscow – with the online calculator from Boyarov Weddings. Enough to note in a special table your expectations of the party (the number of guests, type of venue, entertainment format, the scale of decor), and the method will calculate what the budget will be useful for such an event. Having played with the price of various characteristics, the wife can, without helping others to understand what the price pt to save, and which ones do not really affect the final amount.

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