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Nissan Almera Tino Buyers Advice. Can’t decide on the choice of a car? Read the Owner’s Buyers Tips! September 19, 2015. Everything that is already with a mileage of more than 200-300 thousand km. Of the year. and is no longer released (( For a family – a very good option, but now it is difficult to find a good one. Powerful, but economical Good handling A large number of options for transforming the cabin Smooth floor Glove compartments High seating FAMILY! Weak Shumka Harsh (nissanovskaya))) suspension Childhood disease – windshield wipers Mirrors without heating. For me, it’s better diesel and so on. Although since 2003. already dsi goes. Drive along the highway and do not regret diagnosing the engine without fail. Do not believe the service books and change the oil later than 7000 10w40. If you hear shuffling under the hood, then do not rush to sin on the bearings of the generator and power steering. I was almost fooled by the service. Change 2 straps to start. Roomy and comfortable Comfort level. High fuel consumption on gas The car radio is buggy. It could have been better to put my own. Take it, you won’t regret it. Capacity Comfort Economical. Driving noise. August 25, 2010. Buy and not think! Reliability Design Convertible interior Economy Ease of driving Spaciousness High seating position. August 30, 2005. A good reliable car, with a sporty character – if you like to travel with your family on the highways, then this a V car is for you.

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