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Travel and food are great subjects for a primary date with A belgian guy. Don’t anticipate a discussion that is lively. Belgians are generally conversationalists that are low-key.

Travel and food are great subjects for a primary date with A belgian guy. Don’t anticipate a discussion that is lively. Belgians are generally conversationalists that are low-key.

Good Meals

Belgians love good meals, and there’s no shortage of good restaurants in Belgium’s cities that are big. You may also find cuisine that is outstanding Belgium’s villages and towns. Eating food in Belgium can be an experience that is artistic. They simply just just take great care within the planning and presentation of these food.

You to his country’s best cuisine, which includes some of the best chocolate in the world if you’re dating a Belgian man, rest assured, he’ll introduce. You won’t always go to fancy restaurants to consume food that is great your Belgian date. Strolling the roads in Belgium, you’ll find stores selling frites (French Fries) together with world-famous Belgian waffles.

Expect you’ll eat great meals when you’re dating A belgian guy. Him out, be sure to do your homework before choosing a restaurant if you’re asking.


Unlike Southern Europeans, Belgian guys aren’t recognized to be extremely affectionate or passionate. You’ll find that flirting in Belgium is understated since Belgians tend to be formal and reserved. The conventional greeting between strangers in Belgium is really a brief handshake. When a relationship has continued to develop, Belgians greet each other with three kisses in the cheek.

Don’t assume a Belgian guy is not interested if he’s not so tactile when you very first start dating. The possible lack of touch is cultural, as well as your Belgian man will start to heat up just you better as he gets to know.

No Dating Games

Having less game playing is a refreshing aspect of Belgian dating tradition. If you’re dating a Belgian guy, it’s unlikely he’ll sequence you along or fool around with your heart. Belgian culture places a quality value on integrity and good ways, and also this also includes dating.

Belgian males are usually direct and don’t generally deliver mixed-signals when dating. If they’re interested, they won’t keep it a secret although it may take a few dates for them to warm up to you. When they aren’t thinking about moving things ahead to you, they’ll tell you that too.

No Valentines Day

Belgians don’t generally celebrate Valentine’s day, great deal of thought an brought in getaway. Don’t expect your Belgian guy to get you gift suggestions and chocolate or treat one to a intimate supper on February 14th. Rather, you could expect Chocolate and gift suggestions on 6th when Belgians celebrate St Niklaas december.

Going Beyond The Dating Phase

If all goes well, you will probably find yourself in a relationship using the Belgian man you’re dating. After happening a couple of dates, a Belgian guy may assume you’re exclusive. Belgian guys are direct, therefore if they’re thinking about having an official relationship it known with you, they’ll usually make.

It is not unusual for partners to commit after dating just for a few weeks. Belgian males don’t worry putting labels on a relationship, so don’t be surprised if he’s calling you his gf inside a couple weeks.

The Loved Ones

Declaring their love for you personally does not suggest a Belgian man is preparing to expose you to their family members. Belgians date at a pace that is slow consider meeting the moms and dads a large help a relationship. Don’t expect you’ll satisfy your Belgian guy’s moms and dads before you’ve settled in to a long haul relationship.

Family is main to Belgian tradition, therefore you’ll have actually to ascertain a very good foundation of trust before fulfilling the moms and dads. As soon as you meet up with the family members, you could expect them to try out a significant part in everything. Fulfilling the moms and dads is normally a low-pressure, casual event.

You could find yourself spending Sundays consuming with your man’s that is belgian family members. Family lunches and dinners are typical throughout Belgium. Be equipped for a three-course meal with products. Additionally, you will see lot of kissing. It is customary to greet three kisses to your partner’s family in the cheek.

Engagement and Beyond

If your Belgian guy has won your heart, you are willing to make a appropriate commitment. Don’t anticipate A belgian guy to pop the concerns after per year of dating. Belgians have a tendency to simply just just take their time before investing in wedding. Many Belgians are very well within their thirties before they get married. Some wait also longer.

When your Belgian guy does propose, don’t anticipate a band. Although Antwerp is called the diamond money of this globe, Belgians choose simple wedding bands.

Conclusions on Dating A belgian man

Maintaining an available thoughts are essential whenever setting out in the worldwide adventure of dating a man that is belgian. Belgian males just just take their time warm up to a love that is potential, therefore don’t get frustrated if things don’t move ahead at your speed.

Dating some body from a different country might have its challenges, including various social norms and languages, however it can be a satisfying experience. Learning Belgian dating tradition and Belgian males can help you have positive experience dating a man that is belgian.

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